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JATAF is a collaborative project made up of companies and individuals whose goal is to make Java ME a truly ubiquitous platform for application deployment on mobile devices.

Current sponsors are Orange, Sony Ericsson, Sun, and Vodafone.

In spite of a wealth of emerging technologies, Java is still a prime candidate for cross-platform applications. Other related efforts, such as Mobile Service Architecture (MSA), continue to foster greater consistency among Java platform implementations by tightening the Java specifications. However, these efforts, confined only to the scope of the specifications, cannot address all fragmentation issues. The JATAF project will address the gap.

JATAF will deliver test cases that address fragmentation issues. The test cases that are approved by the JATAF Technical Board will be distributed in a JATAF release and will be written for JDTF, Java Device Test Framework.

The JATAF project uses the Eclipse Public License 1.0.


News and Annoucements

JATAF Project launch (May 28 2009)
The JATAF project is launched. The project will be presented at JavaOne, June 4th.

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